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Solid Surface Countertop Specialists

At Harvey Fabrications, Solid Surface countertops are our life. Even though solid surface materials are advanced and modern, we approach each job with the care and focus of a traditional craftsman. We strive to be the highest quality solid surface fabricator in eastern Tennessee. We are authorized fabricators of Staron and Avonite 100% Acrylic countertops. We are always happy to work with homeowners, contractors, or commercial establishments.

Unlike granite or quartz tile, acrylic solid surfaces are nonpourous and seamless. As a result, bacteria can't penetrate the surface or reside in grout seams. Even moisture cannot infiltrate and cause damage as with laminate countertops. Because it's a nonpourous, seamless, hyginic surface, solid surface materials like Staron and Avonite are approved for use in commercial food preparation areas, health care environments, and even laboratories.